Charts On Charts is about communicating information.

Communicating is difficult.

There might eventually be a day when people are able to fully express complex ideas without the possibility of misunderstandings. For now we are stuck with embarassingly primitive tools like words and bar charts!

Articles here are about the latest research in a range of academic journals, government datasets, and current events that would benefit from quantitative analysis. Other posts are tutorials for those brave souls out there making their own charts and websites.

There will always be a heavy emphasis on creating interactive charts that encourage visitors to ask their own questions and explore the data behind the posts!


  • Visitors should leave ever so slightly more informed than when they arrived.
  • Embrace the spirit of open source. The whole site is on Github if you want to investigate how something works.
  • Responsive design for everything. The number of people using their phones to access the internet is only going to increase.
  • Posts should be in some way useful for everyone from advanced degree holders to the average high school student.
  • Abundantly cite relevant journal articles and other readings.
  • World peace.

My Biography

After graduating with a BS in Economics from Florida State University in 2012, I cofounded a studio-hostel-film project called The Witness Room to help bands passing through Tallahassee get on YouTube and promote their tours. As something of a news junkie, that inevitably lead to exploring other kinds of documentary filmmaking where subject-matter expertise is useful. I started learning to program in 2014 and picked up a Masters in Demography in 2015 so I can pretend to know what I’m talking about. I worked at the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service as a demographics researcher for a little short of two years, but left to explore ways of having a more direct impact on the way things get run.

Currently focused on elections.

Mostly just curious about everything.

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